Tourism friendly


,,Tourism friendly"" is the first component of the "Friendship" program, which was launched in 2020 and aims to support new businesses or develop existing ones in the field of inbound tourism. In the implementation of this program we have an extraordinary partner - ANTRIM, who helps us with all the logistical support. We, for our part, come with annual business development grants in the total value of 500,000 lei. How does it happen? We announce a contest and invite future beneficiaries to fill in the application forms, providing details on how the granted grants will be spent. Later, a jury made up of representatives of Efes Moldova, ANTRIM and USAID analyzes these files and selects the winners. We accept the originality of the idea, its sustainability and its development potential. For two years after implementation, we managed to support 13 beneficiaries, and the amount of grants reached 1,000,100 lei. 

The Nisporeni – Vărzărești route. We managed, in the summer of 2021, to launch 11.5 km of hiking trail in the Nisporeni district in the west of the country. Thus, the Nisporeni-Vărzărești route is the first marked route in Moldova that offers hikers picturesque landscapes: the avenue of acacias that leads to the Cross of Salvation of the Romanian Nation, the Ștefan cel Mare Monastery, the Mârzoaia Hill, the Cemetery of Romanian Heroes and the Vărzărești Monastery. Also here we can admire the first avenue of magnolias in the country, which the Efes company also planted. The trail from Nisporeni was developed and marked by the "Tatrabis" agency and promises an unforgettable experience and promising landscapes.

"Casa Florilor" in Brănești village, Orhei district. On July 29, 2021, we marked the opening of the "Casa Florilor" museum in Brănești village, Orhei district. Mr. Iurie Raileanu managed to transform several acres of land into an extraordinary flower garden, which houses collections of cacti, dozens of varieties of lilies, water lilies, sunflowers, but also a collection of traditional stone pillars, made by craftsmen local folk. In this sense, "Casa florilor" ensures the diversity of experiences of tourists from Moldova, and we are happy to be part of this beautiful initiative.

4 cycling routes in Sipoteni commune. On August 1, 2021, the opening of 4 new cycling routes took place in Sipoteni commune, located on both banks of the Pojarnița river. Lovers of outdoor walks are recommended to visit these routes not only to promote a healthy lifestyle, but also because they mark 4 tourist attractions in the area: Codrii Sipoteniului, Valea Vinului, Drumul Poștei Regale and Farmecul Colinelor. The Efes Moldova company completed these activities with 7 modern bicycles, which will be rented to travelers, and a parking lot related to them. From towering forests to water lily lakes and huge hills, Efes Moldova supports beautiful and challenging initiatives.

The glamping area in the village of Clișova, Orhei district. In September 2021, we managed to surprise with the glamping area at Fishing Park, which comes to diversify the possibilities of rest and fun for all visitors. The term "glamping" comes from English and means a combination of "charm" and "camping", that is, resort-style services that are not only associated with traditional camping. The lake, created in 2010, is 5 km long and is illuminated at night. The Clișova glamping area is perfect not only for fishing, but also for outdoor recreation and hiking. We are happy to offer new possibilities for relaxation to our people and to enrich the country with original attractions.

The "Arta Rustic" crafts complexă’’ from Clișova Noua. Nostalgia, tradition and culture. We managed to convey these things together with the restoration of the space where the small museum of the center is housed. Mrs. Ecaterina Popescu received a grant from the Efes Moldova team, and you offer, in return, the wonderful history of our traditional carpet, but also the future of this craft. At Clișova you can admire the folk costume, unique carpets and bags with folklore elements.

The Scutelnic Brothers pottery workshop’’ din satul Trușeni. The grant offered by Efes Moldova will provide the "Scutelnic Brothers" Pottery Workshop with a master class room for visiting children, interested adults and passionate old people. Lilian Scutelnic is the potter who wants to perpetuate the tradition of pottery, which is so little talked about. Here tourists stop, here thousands of clay figures can be admired, and here also, soon, visitors will be able to get to know clay in a larger, comfortable and pleasant space. 

,,Old house’’ from Palanca village, Ștefan-Vodă district. The restoration of a traditional house based on eco principles is the goal that the Anișenco family wants to achieve with the help of the grant offered by Efes Moldova and ANTRIM. The restored house will offer the possibility of accommodation for a larger number of tourists in an area with a potential that the organizers consider important. Thus, the inhabitants of the city of Chisinau will be able to make an escape in the heart of nature, and the visitors of the big countries will be able to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the lands of Moldova. 

Another 7 grants for 7 applicants. The year 2021 has brought a new opportunity for small and medium businesses to realize their dreams. Thus, following the launch of stage no. II of the CSR project "Friendship for Tourism", the society will be pleasantly surprised by 7 beautiful projects. Efes Moldova will award grants to the following applicants: 

1. Good Luck Inn – for the installation of a gate and a fence made by folk craftsmen from the area – 80,000 lei (eighty thousand lei)

2. "Three shepherds" guesthouse – for the procurement of bicycles and the parking stand – 50,000 lei (fifty thousand lei)

3. SRL ILLU expert – for the installation of a traditional chimney – 50,000 lei (fifty thousand lei)

4. SRL EcoVegoCris – for the installation of the video equipment for monitoring the bird feeder 30,000 lei (thirty thousand lei)

5. Nisporeni City Hall – for the development of the route to Bălăneşti and connection to the existing Nisporeni and Sipoteni routes – 100,000 lei (one hundred thousand lei)

6. Ciuciulea City Hall – for opening a hostel – 100,000 lei (one hundred thousand lei)