It's female friendly


"Friendly for women’’ is the third component of the program that we launched in 2021. The purpose of this program is to support women in rural areas in opening and developing businesses in the field of agriculture and the processing of agricultural products. ODIMM confidently supports us in this program, and together with it we choose the beneficiaries. According to the regulations of the programs, the beneficiaries had to have their own contribution to the budget, of 10% or 30%, depending on the program. Sometimes, however, this out-of-pocket contribution is an almost insurmountable amount for many women. That's why we selected 10 women for whom Efes assumed the funding of the contribution on behalf of the beneficiaries, thus they receive 100% grant coverage. In 2021, the amount of our contribution was 345,000 lei.  

10 women entrepreneurs beneficiaries. This is the number of women who will enjoy financial help and support for the development of their own businesses in the villages of Moldova. On February 3, the discussion between the representatives of the 2 organizations took place, where the 10 winners in the project were designated. We can't wait to reap the benefits of women's businesses and are glad that we could contribute substantially to their realization and support.

1. SRL "MELLY HOUSE" – for vertical hives, so that it is possible to expand a modern hive. The bee families owned will be multiplied, and the honey obtained will be sold in the village of Alava, Ștefan Vodă district. Morari Cristina is the founder of "Melly House", and the grant offered by Efes is 45,000 lei.
2. SRL,, GALVIMAX SOLUTION’’ – for special machines intended to equip the kitchen of Galina Bodiu's enterprise in the city of Criuleni. Pies, pancakes, bagels and hot ice cream will be loved by all the city dwellers, given the fact that it is located in the center. Efes Moldova supports the initiative and offers 45,000 lei. 
3. SRL CALV-AGRO’’ – for means of improving the production of animal feed. The business idea of the company from the city of Șoldănești is focused on the production of feed for animals in the form of granules. Efes Moldova offers 44,667 lei to equip the production space with the necessary equipment for food preparation. 
4. SUBLIM-SD SRL – to obtain the necessary technique to improve the freeze-drying process of fruits and vegetables, but also to promote the brand. Caisin Daniela from Ialoveni district, Ulmu village, runs the enterprise which, at the moment, lyophilizes a wide range of fruits (strawberries, raspberries, apricots, blueberries, etc.) but also vegetables (carrots, beets, spinach, ginger, etc.). Efes Moldova is responding with a grant of 52,917 lei.
5. SRL,,FEDNATMIH’’ – for equipping the new work space with the necessary equipment. Fiodorova Natalia from the city of Bălți is the founder of the company whose purpose is to repair clothing and tailoring for individual orders. In order to increase the productivity of the work process, Efes offers a grant worth 17,076 lei.
6. SRL,, LILIA-AVIC’’ – for the purchase of the necessary equipment for the rearing and maintenance of the chickens and for the improvement of the accounting system and the web page. Located in the village of Cioara, Hâncești district, the company's field of activity is the breeding of chickens and their maintenance. So, Sunday Valentina gets 12,222 lei from Efes Moldova.
7. CEBAN OLESEA’’ – for the purchase of the equipment necessary for the activity and logo development. Ceban Olesea is the one that produces the most delicious cakes and pastries in the city of Călărași. To support and promote the products, the enterprise enjoys a grant of 34,550 lei from Efes Moldova.
8. SRL,,FLAVORYA COM’’ – for equipping the product dehydration space and social media promotion. Valentina Buhnă's enterprise from Vărzărești village, Nisporeni district, is based on the production and dehydration of fruits, vegetables and seeds. To increase the production process, she receives a grant worth 30,805 lei from Efes Moldova.
9. SAFRON SRLS REALM’’ – for accessories and equipment necessary for the cultivation of spices. The main field of activity of the enterprise is the cultivation of documents, aromatic plants and it specializes in the cultivation of saffron, which is widely used in cooking. Bisu Cristalina from Cîrnești village, Nisporeni district, is the entrepreneur who managed to receive 41,667 lei from Efes Moldova.
10. GȚ,,PLEĆCA VALENTINA VASILE’’ – for the construction of an irrigation system that would allow the cuttings to grow in better conditions. In the village of Discova, Orhei district, the cultivation of lavender cuttings takes place in the greenhouse. In this sense, Efes Moldova offers Valentina Pleșca a financial aid of 21,669 lei for business expansion.

Efes bicycle. Together with our partners from the Organization for the Development of the Sector of Small and Medium Enterprises (ODIMM) and the National Platform for Women of Moldova (PNFM), we offer an Efes bicycle as a gift as a thank you for the involvement of the most active female entrepreneur in small and medium enterprises. Already for 2 years we want to convey, through this gesture, the fact that work and inclusion in society is appreciated and welcome, regardless of the level of development of the company. 

The CSR activities of Ludmila Catlabuga's enterprise, whose field of activity is the breeding of large horned cattle, made her the first winner of the Efes bicycle. His courage, charming presence and ambition were appreciated, and we wished him the best of luck in the future."