Make friends for art


"Make friends for art" is the second component of the program and addresses classical arts and urban art. Thanks to the organization of the biggest summer festival "Summer fest" and the support of the most important musical events in the country, our team is well-known for its contribution to the world of art. However, "Friends" addresses those areas of art that are less commercial: plastic art, theater, classical music and urban art. In this way, we manage to support the most famous premieres in the country, support the most creative street art in Chisinau and bring news in the field of rural art.

Hamlet in spicy sauce’’, în regia lui Alexandru Cozub. On November 30, 2020, after a period full of challenges and restrictions caused by the pandemic, Efes Moldova enjoyed a premiere at the "Mihai Eminescu" National Theatre. "Hamlet in spicy sauce" by Aldo Nicolaj, directed by Alexandru Cozub, made a sensation on the theater stage, being the most seasoned show of the season. Thus, even in the restricted conditions, we managed to show solidarity with the Moldovan artists. Laughter, smell of roasting and modern theatre; these moments were welcome in the theater world, and we are proud that we could be there for this premiere achievement.

"The petty bourgeois’’ , în regia lui Slava Sambriș. At the Russian National Dramatic Theater "Anton Chehov", on June 11, 2021, the premiere of the show "Little Burghers" directed by Slava Sambriș took place. Faithful viewers and consumers of Efes beer were warmly invited to watch a show about family, conflict, tragedy, love and inner pain, and we were overjoyed to contribute to the realization of this work on the stage of the Russian theater. 

Chisinau International Engraving Biennale 2021. Between August 17-22, 2021, the 7th edition of the Biennale took place, which won the status of an international event. Thus, the residents of Chisinau had the opportunity to participate and admire the works of local plastic artists thanks to the financial support of Efes. We are grateful for the effort made by the artists of our country to preserve the culture. Instead, we provide support and advocacy.

,,The master bird’’ of L7matrix. In the fall of 2021, together with one of the best-known international street artists, L7matrix, we managed to bring a bird to life in the heart of Chisinau. Freedom of expression, possibilities and ambition: this is the message conveyed by the artist's work. Thus the citizens of Chisinau can admire one of the most valuable works of street art. Along with the well-known sculptures of lovers and teenagers offered by Efes Moldova a few years ago to the city of Chisinau, this mural is becoming one of the main points of attraction for Chisinau residents and tourists who visit it. We are proud to support this beautiful initiative within the Efes Moldova project.

The International Sculpture Symposium in Ciuciulea village, Glodeni district. On August 28, 2021, Efes Moldova offered the village of Ciuciulea as a gift eight sculptures made during the first International Sculpture Workshop. The works were made by valuable sculptors from Austria, Romania, Ireland and the Republic of Moldova, and they are now available on the Alley of Sculptors in the future Park of the Locality's Ancestors. We are proud that we managed to bring fine art to a rural locality, far from the capital, once again managing to confirm that "eternity was born in the village". 

#CiteșteMoldova. Reading is a beautiful habit, which we at Efes Moldova want to bring back to the public eye. Thus, we are pleased to support, together with @Newsmaker, the artists and people of culture of the Republic of Moldova, through a series of interesting videos aimed at promoting reading. Paşa Parfeni, Daniela Burlaca, Paula Erizanu are just some of the artists who will share the secrets of reading and the books that impressed them the most. Efes Moldova supports art, and reading is the inner journey to which all lovers of beauty are invited.