Being innovative is cool!


Innovation characterizes the spirit of the Efes Moldova team and thus we progress through the ideas of our employees. The An-Idea project gathered a team of employees with aspirations for progress who together put in motion the appearance of the new Finch product in our portfolio. And the appreciation for the effort did not take long to appear by being awarded a top place at the level of the Anadolu Group within the An-Idea project. Recently our colleagues returned from the competition in Istanbul with a trophy that was awarded for the first time to the Efes Moldova team by Tuncay Özilhan Chairman of the Board of Directors of Anadolu Grubu and Hurşit Zorlu CEO of Anadolu Grubu.

We mention that among the participants in this competition are companies such as: Migros, Coca Cola İçecek Grup Ofis, Anadolu Etap, Anadolu Isuzu, Adel and Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi.

We congratulate our colleagues and are proud of them! 🤩🥳👏